Little Fish: A Culinary Journey to the Heart of Asia

Nestled in the quaint town of Liphook, Little Fish is a gem for connoisseurs of authentic Pan-Asian cuisine and sushi. With our roots deeply embedded in the rich culinary traditions of Asia, we bring to your table an exquisite array of flavours that define true craftsmanship. Our reach extends beyond Liphook, offering convenient delivery and collection points across Surrey and Hampshire, ensuring the best sushi experience is just a heartbeat away.


Our Story: A Blend of Tradition and Passion

At Little Fish, our journey began with a simple vision – to offer the finest and most authentic Asian dining experience. Our chefs, artisans of flavour, blend traditional methods with innovative techniques, ensuring each dish is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our ingredients are carefully selected, ensuring every bite is not just food, but an experience in itself.


A Menu That Speaks Volumes

Our sushi selection is the crown jewel of Little Fish. From the classic Nigiri to the adventurous Dragon Rolls, each piece is a harmony of fresh, high-quality ingredients. But sushi is just the beginning. Our menu, a canvas of flavours, also features Pan-Asian delicacies – from the spicy streets of Bangkok to the subtle aromas of Tokyo.


Beyond Dining: A Symphony of Services

At Little Fish, we offer more than just a meal. Our Liphook location is a haven of tranquillity, where the ambiance enhances your dining experience. For those beyond our doors, our delivery services and collection points across Surrey and Hampshire bring the best sushi right to your doorstep. And for your special events, our catering services promise to make them unforgettable.


Echoes of Satisfaction: The Voice of Our Patrons

The praise we receive is as varied as the dishes we serve. From the subtle nuances of our perfectly seasoned sushi rice to the vibrant explosion of flavours in our Pan-Asian delicacies, each aspect of our offering garners its share of admirers. It’s not just the food that wins hearts, but the entire Little Fish experience – with a taste that lingers long after you’ve finished your meal.

Our journey towards culinary excellence is constantly fueled by the feedback of our customers. Whether it’s the serene ambiance, the attentive service, or the meticulous preparation of each dish, every element of Little Fish is crafted with the customer in mind. It is this holistic approach to dining that has not only earned us a loyal following but also a series of accolades that we humbly accept and proudly showcase. These honours are not just awards; they are reminders of our commitment to bring the best of Pan-Asian cuisine to you.


Find Us, Love Us

Located in the heart of Liphook, Little Fish is your gateway to an unforgettable dining experience. Visit us or reach out to us for deliveries and collection across Surrey and Hampshire. We’re just a call or click away.


Take the Plunge: Discover Why We’re the Best Sushi in Guildford

Delve deeper into what makes us stand out as the best sushi destination in Guildford. At Little Fish, we don’t just serve food; we curate culinary experiences that resonate with the soul of authentic Asian cuisine. Each item on our menu is a reflection of our dedication to culinary excellence, from the intricate layering of flavours in our sushi to the vibrant textures of our Pan-Asian dishes. Our meticulous attention to detail is evident in the precision of our sushi rolls, the freshness of our ingredients, and the artistic presentation of each plate.


Little Fish – Where Flavour Meets Artistry

At Little Fish, every dish is a masterpiece, every service a memory. We’re not just a restaurant; we’re an experience. Join us and see why we’re renowned as the best sushi in Guildford and beyond. Order today!


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