Little Fish Sushi: A Taste of Asia in Every Bite

The rich tapestry of Asian cuisine is vast, intricate, and mesmerising. It’s a symphony of flavours that has charmed palates across the world. But, how often does one find the soul of this cuisine, particularly sushi, in rural communities? Enter “Little Fish Sushi”, a culinary gem that’s been revolutionising the food scene in the countryside.


A Michelin Pedigree: Setting Standards High

At the heart of Little Fish Sushi’s success is a Michelin trained, multi award-winning chef. Neil Ghosh, often dubbed as the UK’s top pan, has channelled his extensive experience from top pan Asian restaurants to craft an offering that’s nothing short of exquisite. Together with Chef Neil Witney, Ghosh’s prowess ensures that every bite you take at Little Fish resonates with authenticity and innovation.


More Than Just Sushi: Celebrating Pan Asian Grandeur

While “Little Fish Sushi” is the flagship offering, their menu transcends boundaries, bringing fish sushi and pan Asian cuisine to food lovers in rural communities. Whether you’re craving the delicate textures of sushi sashimi or the aromatic flavours of a Pan Asian delicacy, Little Fish delivers with precision and flair.


A Mission to Enrich: Bringing Exceptional Sushi Closer to Home

Little Fish Sushi doesn’t just serve food; it’s on a mission to bring the authentic taste of sushi and pan Asian cuisine closer to you. Especially in regions where “sushi in the sticks” is a rarity. They understand the hunger for quality Asian cuisine in rural areas and are committed to satiating it.


Pre-Order to Savour: Freshness Guaranteed

The soul of sushi lies in its freshness. Little Fish’s commitment to this tenet is unwavering. By introducing a pre-order system, they ensure that every dish is prepared freshly, retaining the essence and nuances of each ingredient. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that sets them apart.


Delight Delivered: Bringing the Feast to Your Doorstep

While many top pan Asian restaurants confine their experiences within their walls, Little Fish Sushi amplifies its reach with home delivery. Not just confined to urban centres, their delivery expands to the local area, ensuring that even the most remote food lovers aren’t left out.

For the Community: Collaborating with Farm Shops

True to its commitment to serve rural communities, Little Fish has fostered partnerships with farm shops. These act as collection points, bridging the gap between the restaurant and those residing further afield. It’s not just about convenience but also about building local relationships.

Sushi in the Sticks: A Dream Realised

Neill Ghosh once dreamt of breaking barriers with his culinary expertise. “Sushi in the sticks” was not just a playful phrase, but a vision. Today, with Little Fish Sushi, that vision is a delicious reality. The collaborative spirit with Chef Neil Witney ensures that the essence of Asia is captured in every dish, satisfying both purists and newcomers to the cuisine.


In Summary

Little Fish Sushi is not just a food establishment. It’s a movement. It is about upholding the rich traditions of Pan Asian cuisine while making it accessible to all, especially those in rural communities. With the backing of renowned chefs, a keen attention to detail, and a commitment to freshness, it stands as a beacon for all Asian food enthusiasts. Whether you’re collecting from a local farm shop or awaiting a home delivery, know that with Little Fish, you’re about to embark on a culinary journey of a lifetime.



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