With a menu designed by a Michelin-trained and multi-award winning chef, Neil Witney, Little Fish is proud to offer a premium sushi experience alongside our pan-Asian cuisine menu. With our dedication to both the quality and the freshness of the ingredients, combined with the skill of our kitchen team and our priority towards sustainability as a core principle, we aim to offer a sushi dining experience that’s satisfying in all ways.


Sushi Farnham

With a deep love of sushi and cuisine from all across Asia, our team, headed by Neil, our head chef, has experience with some of the UK’s top pan-Asian restaurants, including having launched and run some of them.

It’s our mission to bring exceptional sushi and pan-Asian cuisine, transporting the diner from wherever you are to a long journey with the freshest tastes and highest-quality ingredients. All food is prepared freshly in the collection for pre-order only, and you can pick it up from our Farnham collection point or have it delivered directly to your door.

World-class sushi has never been so convenient.


Our menu

We recommend taking a closer look at the Menu page on the website to get a fuller idea of what each dish entails, and you can also order directly from the page, too. However, we offer a wide range of different sushi experiences to our Farnham customers, sourcing products that are both ethically produced and sustainable from suppliers that hold MSC and Chain of Custody Certification ensuring our fish is traceable from the boat to your back door.

Some of the delicious flavours you can order from Little Fish include the following:

  • Sushi Nigiri: The most traditional offerings, including a delicious piece of raw fish sitting atop cooked and flavoured sushi rice, with tuna, salmon, ebi, and a range of traditional and new style combinations available.
  • Sushi Rolls & Bowls: A large section of rolled sushi, also known as maki, using the freshest fish and vegetables, rolled in flavoured rice and surrounded by nori (seaweed) for the perfect bite, including cucumber, salmon, spicy tuna and more.
  • Premium Sushi Rolls: For those who want a premium dining experience, creative combinations, garnish and flavours make these rolls a step beyond. This includes options like the crunchy chilli crab Ura Maki and the Dragon Roll with chilli mayo and wasabi.
  • Sushi Set Boxes: For those who can’t decide what they want or want sushi to share, these boxes all come with a selection of fresh nigiri, maki, premium rolls and edamame.
  • Sashimi: Thinly sliced raw fish served without rice, perfect for the health conscious or those who just love a well-garnished and presented piece of fresh fish.
  • We also sell options to heat at home, sides, and sweet treats to finish off your meal.


Again, we recommend taking a look at our full menu for some mouthwatering imagery, as well as more detail on all of our dishes.

If you’re looking for a premium sushi dining experience in Farnham that you can collect or have delivered to your door, Little Fish is the place you want to go.


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