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Escape the Ordinary with a Taste of Japan

Looking for a break from the usual routine in Witley? Transport yourself to the heart of Japan with a taste of Little Fish’s exquisite sushi. We create authentic sushi experiences that tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Every piece is a meticulous work of art, crafted with the freshest, high-quality ingredients to capture the true essence of Japanese cuisine.


Sweet & Sticky Gochujang Ribs

Sweet & Sticky Gochujang Ribs


Daily-Sourced Ingredients, Exceptional Flavour

At Little Fish, freshness is our top priority. We believe exceptional sushi starts with exceptional ingredients, which is why we source our fish and produce daily from trusted local suppliers. This dedication ensures that each bite bursts with the vibrant flavours of the sea and the delicate notes of perfectly seasoned rice. Our skilled chefs handle each ingredient with respect, transforming them into stunning sushi creations that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate.


New Spring Menu

New Spring Menu


Convenience at its Finest: Delivery or Pick-Up in Witley

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing night in Witley or need a quick and delicious meal on the go, Little Fish makes it easy to enjoy our sushi. Choose from our convenient delivery service,  and savour the taste of Japan delivered straight to your doorstep.  In a hurry?  Opt for our local pick-up option.  Simply order online and pick up your sushi at our designated Witley location at your chosen time. No matter your preference, Little Fish ensures a hassle-free sushi experience.


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A World of Sushi Awaits: Explore Our Menu

Our extensive menu offers a delectable journey through the world of sushi.  From classic nigiri and sashimi to innovative specialty rolls, we have something to satisfy every craving.  Indulge in the delicate sweetness of whitefish, the rich smokiness of eel, or the bold flavours of tuna and salmon.  We also cater to vegetarian and vegan preferences with a variety of plant-based options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious and satisfying sushi experience.

Ready to explore the world of fresh, flavourful sushi in Witley?  Visit our website today, browse our extensive menu, and place your order!  Let Little Fish deliver a taste of Japan to your doorstep or choose our convenient pick-up option.



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